Cynthia R.
Nice friendly employs great work too. I would recommend for any Home Improvement job
Great work done on our house. They have completed 3 jobs for us over the years, and couldn’t be happier!! Thanks Sam
Great work and the best nice employs
SDW has great friendly employs and do excellent work. I would definitely recommend them for any home improvement job or any job.
Work on a crew of people six people hanging sheetrock for Sammy .He has not paid us we've been told time and time again that he was going to meet us and pay us .He comes up with an excuse every time he doesn't show up and doesn't answer his phone now it's been going on 3 weeks he owes me $1,025 and other people some more some less but here again today he has not answered his phone he keeps making up excuses after excuse moving from hotel to hotel to try to avoid paying his employees I recommend not doing with this guy and having to live through this nightmare of working everyday and not getting paid even on Sunday we work two Sundays he does not pay. When you work for people you expect to be able to pay your bills with the money that you get from working .I recommend nobody and I mean nobody deal with him unless you want to be ran around and lied to .He don't know how to do business in a respectful Manor .He has to change crews every job because he doesn't take care of who knows what the next project will end up looking like and the experience level of the next workers he hires .